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It's complicated for the kids of Savannah Country Day School. OK, they're adults in their early 30s, but as discussed in our review of episodethey give magnanimous mention to their former private elementary and high school - with the exception of Hannah who hails from Atlanta. As does my partner in recapping crime Kara Berry.

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Is everything all good now with Chelsea? Have you guys have found a good footing? Austen Kroll: Chelsea and I, especially at the reunion, I had some things to talk with her about and kind of figure out where she was at.

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Before they consented to having their entire lives — for better or for worse — documented last summer, the cast was doing their own thing. Actually, these people literally showed up on TV and drank their way into my heart and all of my free time out of nowhere. So who were Cameran, Shep, and the gang before their dirty laundry was out swinging in the southern breeze?

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Hi Love, I was out and about doing some shopping. I didn't expect It to rain, but it sure did a fast down pour. Was not for a long time, but one of those storms, that it rains hard and fast for a few min.

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In the New Year I have been trying to be less judgemental on dating apps. If a guy is only so-so looking, perhaps I should go on a date with him in the hopes he will be charming, funny, kind, etc. With my new attitude in tow, I got to swiping and swiped right on a fellow I normally would have overlooked.

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There are three types of southerners: 1. Those who leave as soon as they can, spending late nights trying to lose their accents; 2. Those who are proud of where they came from and will own up to it gladly, whether they stay in the South or move away; and, 3.

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Clip Art? How do you look shocked or disappointed when Mrs. As Ravenel approaches Patricia, is it me, or has he aged this year?

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Cherie southern charm. Visitation will be. Sari as Aisa had been. This engineering meets or exceeds the stringent requirements of the new Florida Building Code.

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Hey, gang. Craig is drinking out of the faucet. Shep has had a surfboard delivered to the salon where he is to get a haircut.

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And now she wants to be upset because Jennifer invited Thomas and not her to a party. Of course their main topic was Thomas. As much as Landon is sweet, she is not financially independent. She cannot give herself that good life therefore Shep or Thomas are good targets.


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