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The belief that it is easier to discern the virgin state of a woman than a man is more fable than fact, argues medical anthropologist Sherria Ayuandini. Unfortunately, it is still widely believed and practised to subjugate women. The Human Rights Watch condemned the test as a form of gender-based violence and called on the military to end the practice immediately, which it says violates the prohibition of inhuman treatment under international human rights law.

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That's the rumour anyway - that the first time a woman has penetrative sex, her hymen will break, she will bleed, and probably be in a mild to considerable amount of pain. In some cases, the myth even goes so far as to suggest that the hymen disappears entirely once penetration occurs, making it the defining factor in determining whether a woman is a virgin or not. The first myth the women tackled was that the hymen "breaks" the first time a woman has vaginal intercourse.

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The hymen is the stuff of legend and lore in many cultures, the treasured prize a woman gives her husband on their wedding night. People often do not know what it looks like or what really happens to it when virginity is lost. For example, some of my teen patients have questions about a partner male or female inserting a finger into a vagina.

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The hymen also called maidenhead is tissue that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening. The hymen has no known use. People used to believe that the hymen always tears after having sexual intercourse for the first time, and that you could if a woman was virgin by looking at her hymen and seeing if it was torn.

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Enter your email, then share with, email, or your own personal referral URL. When I was 15 years old, I realized that I had torn my hymen… two years earlier, at During those two years, I had been getting a grip on periods

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Hymens can come in different shapes. The most common hymen in young women is shaped like a half moon. This shape allows menstrual blood to flow out of the vagina. Imperforate hymen : An imperforate hymen can sometimes be diagnosed at birth.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. All About Sex.

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The hymen is a thin membrane covering the vaginal opening. It consists of a connective tissue as well as muscle fibers with blood vessels and nerve endings. The hymen is easy to detect.


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