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Though self-insertion of a foreign body in the male urethra is an infrequent urologic emergency, a weird variety of self-inserted foreign bodies have been reported. Most of these are attributed to autoerotic stimulation, a consequence of mental illness or the result of drug intoxication. The foreign body subsequently migrated proximally out of reach.

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Captain Jonathan Archer handling a style of communicator used in the s. A communicator was a communications device used by many species for person-to-person, inter-ship communications. A communicator could be either an intercom or a hand-held device, the latter of which was also known as a personal receiver and could be used for person-to-ship comunications.

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Kate Solomon highlights the inventions that shaped — and continue to shape — the modern age. Responsible for: Making home life bearable, killing the radio star, Game Of Thrones. More than seven billion of the things have since been manufactured.

Born inRoger Webster developed interests in electronics and ham radio as a youth. After receiving a University of California electrical engineering degree inWebster conducted war-related research at Harvard's Radio Research Laboratory and at Caltech, where his work on an altitude sensor for bomb detonation contributed to the Manhattan Project. During his first three years with the corporation, Webster worked on aspects of the magnetic airborne detector, a device used by the Navy to detect submarines.

The present application is a divisional of U. Provisional Patent Application Ser. These applications and this patent are incorporated herein by reference in their entirety.

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A Storm Without End. The calm before the storm describes the mood of the electronics industry over the years following the invention of the transistor. The tides turned in when Texas Instruments and Regency Electronics shared a joint venture that launched the miniaturized electronics industry and the information age; and then went on to boost a new form of music

The present invention generally relates to implantable medical systems and methods, and more particularly relates to unidirectionally propagating action potentials of the cavernous nerve and uses thereof. Implantable electrical stimulation devices have proven therapeutic in a wide variety of diseases and disorders. Pacemakers and implantable cardiac defibrillators ICDs have proven highly effective in the treatment of a number of cardiac conditions e.

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His nearly 40 years of experience in a wide range of horticulture topics makes his advice indispensable. Each week Ken will bring detailed information on plants, weeds, insects and vegetables crops. Ken will also be interviewing interesting guests in the world of plants and doing garden walks to keep things fresh. With close to 40 years in the horticulture and landscaping industries, Ken Salvail has developed a diverse and widely respected range of experience in the green industries from garden centre management, grower production management to designing, installing and maintaining amazing landscapes.

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